A fun and fresh training environment

Challenge Batemans Bay Robertson
Coaching novice to professional triathletes
The body achieves what the mind believes!
One-on-One mentoring sessions for athletes
World champion, Queenstown, New Zealand
Expert advice and guidance
The body achieves what the mind believes!
One-on-One mentoring sessions for athletes
Commonwealth Games, Melbourne
Fun and friendly training environment
Commonwealth Games, Melbourne
Quality training programs for sprint to Ironman distance
Triathlon swim
Online training programs via Training Peaks
Queenstown ITU world championships
The body achieves what the mind believes!

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Elite PB train out of Bold Park Aquatic (City Beach) Perth, WA.


Welcome To Elite Performing Bodies (elitePB)

You don't need to be an Elite athlete to train with elitePB! At elitePB, we believe everyone can can be elite in their own way. Two of the key ingredients of being Elite at anything is consistency and attitude! This is what we look for in our athletes! With these qualities, you will achieve your goals!! 

Triathlon is such an individual sport, but it doesn't mean you need to do it on your own. If you are looking for a training environment where you want to improve and develop as an athlete, then elitePB has you covered. We have a range of abilities within our squad and cater for novice athletes to professionals. 

Elite PB is a triathlon squad training in Perth. We offer a flexible range of options for athletes, from casual training sessions, online training programs (via Training Peaks), up to the full Bells & Whistles package. (See coaching page for more details)

Head coach, Peter Robertson is a 3 x ITU World Champion, 2 x Olympian. With his 25yrs experience to draw on, Peter is excited to share his knowledge and passion for the sport he loves!

To express your interest in being coached by elitePB please contact us here