A fun and fresh training environment

About elitePB

Swim coach, stroke analysis, triathlon coaching, open water coach


Our goal is offer a level of training that suits your needs in a fun and encouraging environment. Whether you want some swim coaching, looking to do your first triathlon or something a bit more structured. ElitePB holds swim sessions at Bold Park on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday evening starting at the convenient time of 5pm. 

We also have 2 coached run sessions per week. These sessions are located currently held at McGillvray Oval, Mt Claremont. The sessions last for approx 75mins, also starting at 5pm. 

What are the benefits of training with elitePB?

The benefits from training with a squad of like minded athletes can be enormous. From that extra motivation from a training partner, to the comaraderie of training with encouraging athletes. Before you know it you'll be training the house down and ticking off those goals and dreams you once thought; were for other people. Peter has a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to draw on and together you will be able to map out where you want to head with your sporting goals. 

  • Encouraging training partners
  • Feedback from experienced coaches
  • Controlled and safe training venues
  • Fun and welcoming athletes

How do join the squad? 

Either drop us an email or come along to one of our coached training sessions. 

Why train with elitePB?

Peter understands what is required to become the best you can be, but also realises that everyone is unique and has their own goals, talents and qualities. Peter's unique approach to sport, led him to success and he now wants to share his approach with you. Understanding what is required to create success, he is excited about the opportunity to share his knowledge and his experience with you.

Peter has also studied Elite Athlete Mentoring, at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. He is passionate about working with athletes who want to achieve the most out of their sport and life. With the aim to create more success and balance within an athlete‚Äôs life.