A fun and fresh training environment

Blake Kappler

Blake has been training with Redline Swimming since it's inception at Beatty Park. A world class age group triathlete, you'll see him (can't miss him with that green mohawk!) racing from short course events to Ironman! He has booked his ticket to Sunshine Coast 70.3 worlds in September and going back to the big island of Kona again in October this year. 
BK: I'm still fairly new to this sport, but love getting my arse kicked by the crew at Redline. If I'm not chasing someone down the lane, Robbo or Lettsy are pushing me from pool deck. That works for me. 
I'm also super grateful that I'm able to go out and do some of my training sessions with Robbo. I'm not sure if he realises it, but I'm like a sponge when we go out training together. Pretty sure I annoy the missus when I get home from training, talking about all the stuff I learn out there. But I just get so pumped about it. You can just tell he knows his stuff. I guess when you're a triple world champion you haven't fluked it!
Constantly learning from the best is something I love to do. I love surrounding myself with champion athletes and people. Another good mate, Jack Bobridge is also someone I learn so much from. At the top of his game in cycling, I feed of these guy's energy and knowledge of sport. 
I can't wait to get back to the Big Island of Kona this year. I know I've improved since last time and I have some unfinished business to get done there! 
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